ICT Program

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Our ICT program includes many forms of technology for the students to use, learn and engage with. Our Prep-Year 2 students have access to desktop computers and iPads, while our Year 3-6 students have access to class sets of laptops. We have also introduced a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) program in our senior school. This program not only allows for greater access to technology in the classroom, but also helps students to become more familiar with the devices that they may be using in secondary school.


Technology is used in all learning areas as a tool for research, publishing and presenting work and creating. Students are also explicitly taught ICT skills necessary for 21st century learning.

Yarra Glen Primary School implements STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) into our ICT learning programs. The STREAM program ties in beautifully with our ICT including Robotics and Coding programs. Robotics and Coding are highly engaging programs for our students and allows them to make mathematical and scientific connections in their learning activities.

Many of our teachers are professionally trained in ICT programs, coding, software, skills and processes. That is what makes ICT at Yarra Glen Primary School so progressive … keeping the students in touch with the world.

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