ICT Program

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Our ICT program includes many forms of technology for the students to use, learn and engage with. Each classroom has a set of desktop computers, tablets and more. The senior students have access to a class set of laptops. We also have desktops in our library, to cater for whole grades.

Students use iPads/iPad Minis for all areas of learning. Students can play educational games, research information, take photos and videos for projects, produce movies and take control of their digital learning.

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Yarra Glen Primary School implements STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) into our ICT learning programs. The STREAM program ties in beautifully with our ICT including Robotics and Coding programs. Robotics and Coding are highly engaging programs for our students and allows them to make mathematical and scientific connections in their learning activities. Learning is absolutely incredible!

The interactive whiteboards in our classrooms allow for learning in an e-smart environment. The modern projectors in the junior and senior buildings are an exciting inclusion to our school’s daily ICT resources.

Many of our teachers are professionally trained in ICT programs, coding, software, skills and processes. That is what makes ICT at Yarra Glen Primary School so progressive … keeping the students in touch with the world.

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