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At Yarra Glen Primary School staff are committed to teaching quality Numeracy every day.

Through a range of learning experiences, teaching strategies, resources and real life investigations, our teachers aim to develop problem solving, numeracy skills and mathematical vocabulary. Our staff understand the importance of ensuring that our students have a good understanding of number skills, patterns and shapes as well as developing confidence in measurement and geometry and, statistics and probability.

In each classroom, students have access to a ‘Maths Tool Kit’ that contains a range of concrete materials that are regularly used to support skill development. Robotics/Coding programs from Foundation to Gr 6 are also implemented. These highly engaging teaching and learning tools include Dash and Dot, WeDo and EV3.

Staff at Yarra Glen Primary School plan using Essential Assessment, the Top Ten Whole School Numeracy Program. These two programs allow teachers to implement engaging, hands on, relevant and, most importantly, real life learning experiences.

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Ongoing assessment tools are utilised by teachers to monitor individual learning needs. Data is used to drive and direct future learning and teachers are confident in developing mathematical learning tasks which suit the needs of all students.

If you wish to discuss our numeracy program, or you are seeking advice as to what you can do at home, then we are happy to discuss it with you.


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