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Our beloved specialist teacher, Ms. Liz Thorne, takes pride in teaching Music and Performing Arts at Yarra Glen Primary School. Using her extended knowledge and experience in both areas, she provides a music program that covers all grades and has the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich all students, exciting the imagination and encouraging students to reach their creative and expressive potential. Skills and techniques developed through participation in music learning allow students to manipulate, express and share sound as listeners, composers and performers. Music learning has a significant impact on the cognitive, affective, motor, social and personal competencies of students.

Music learning combines listening, performing and composing activities. These activities, developed sequentially, enhance students’ capacity to perceive and understand music. As students progress in their study of Music at YGPS, they learn to value and appreciate the power of music to transform the heart, soul, mind and spirit of the individual. In this way students develop an aesthetic appreciation and enjoyment of music.

The Music curriculum aims to develop students’:

  • confidence to be creative, innovative, thoughtful, skilful and informed musicians
  • skills to listen, improvise, compose, interpret, perform, and respond with intent and purpose
  • aesthetic knowledge and respect for music and music practices across global communities, cultures and musical traditions
  • understanding of music as an aural art form, its relationship with other arts forms  and contributions to cultures and societies.


Students from Grades 3-6 are auditioned for inclusion into the Choir and agree to certain requirements. The choir performs at assembly and at a number of annual school and community events.

Music Lessons

Yarra Glen Primary School offers weekly music lessons in instruments such as drums, guitar and piano/keyboard. These lessons are offered through Jam Hot Music and are held at YGPS during the day. Jam Hot Music students are taught a wide range of music styles like pop, rock, funk and jazz. Students also learn some music theory and history.

Learning to play an instrument or sing and dance has multiple benefits including developing left and right brain coordination, melody training, focus, confidence and creativity. The students’ music skills are showcased in two music performances held every year. Please complete the enrolment form (below) and return to the front office (you must also enrol online at Jam Hot Music).

Jam Hot Music Enrolment Form

State School Spectacular

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Yarra Glen Primary School participates in the State School Spectacular bi-annually. Students audition to participate in the dance section of these performances and agree to certain requirements.  Participation in this event requires a strong commitment from both students and parents.

Several rehearsals are held off site during the year including at Melbourne Arena (formally known as Hisense Arena) which concludes with two performances held on a Saturday in September at Melbourne Arena (1pm and 6:30pm). Please visit the State School Spectacular page for further details.