ICT Usage



Statement of Purpose

  • To ensure the acceptable and appropriate use of all electronic/digital devices and computer facilities at our school and ensure all students safety whilst using these devices.


Guidelines and conditionsThe Yarra Glen Primary School network is provided for staff and students to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication. 

Our Grade 3-6 students are given full access to the network with an individual account. Our Prep-2 students have a generic class log-on to the network. Any such facilities must be regarded as privileges, which may be withdrawn for misuse of the resources.  Computing facilities are provided primarily for the educational benefit of students and the professional development of staff.  Any behaviour that interferes with these primary objectives will be considered an infringement of Acceptable Use.


Summary of conditions

Students must not:

  • Use abusive or obscene language in any communications
  • Use downloading software such as uTorrent or limewire, or any bypassing monitoring software
  • Steal, or deliberately or carelessly cause damage to any equipment
  • Interfere with or change any software settings or other people’s files
  • Attempt to get around or reduce network security
  • Do anything in any other person’s home directory
  • Store unauthorised types of files in their own home directories
  • Reveal personal information in any communications
  • Deliberately enter, or remain in, web sites containing objectionable material
  • Knowingly infringe copyright/privacy
  • Access unauthorised proxies or access unauthorised web sites
  • Take photos/video or any image of anyone without prior consent from the appropriate person.
    1.       Computer/electronic-digital hardware

Students must not:

  • Interfere with networking or computer/digital-electronic equipment
  • Eat or drink near any school owned computer/digital-electronic resources or personal machines
  • Disable the operation of any equipment


    2.      Software and operating systems

Students will not:

  • Change any computer/digital-electronic settings without permission
  • Bring or download unauthorised programs, including games, music, movies and pictures to the school or run them on school computers or digital-electronic equipment
  • Delete, add or alter any configuration files
  • Copy any copyrighted software to or from any computer/ digital-electronic, or duplicate such software
  • Deliberately introduce any virus or program that reduces system security or effectiveness
  • Bypass or remove monitoring software ie: AB tutor control/ remote desktop


    3.                   Networks

Network accounts are to be used only by the authorised owner of the account.

Students must not:

  • Attempt to log into the network with any user name or password that is not their own, or change any other person’s password
  • Reveal their password to anyone except the system administrator or classroom teachers, if necessary.  Students are responsible for everything done using their accounts, and everything in their home directories
  • Use or possess any program designed to reduce network security
  • Enter any other person’s home directory or do anything whatsoever to any other person’s files
  • Attempt to alter any person’s access rights
  • Store the following types of files in their home directory, without permission from the teacher
    • Program files (EXE, COM)
    • Compressed files (ZIP, LHZ, ARJ, TAR etc)
    • Picture files, unless they are required by a subject
    • Obscene material – pictures or text
    • Password-protected files
    • Copyrighted material
    • Movies, music


    4.       Internet usage

Internet access and has been provided to assist students’ education.  Students must use it only with permission, and not in any unauthorised way.  It is not intended for entertainment. As with all privileges its use involves responsibilities.  The school will exercise all care in protecting students from offensive material, but the final responsibility must lie with students in not actively seeking out such material.


Students will not:

  • Send offensive mail
  • Cyber bully
  • Access real-time chat programs or hotmail
  • Download via uTorrent or other such downloading software
  • Enter or remain in any site that has inappropriate or offensive information or images
  • Access Facebook, Myspace, or any other social networking sites or You Tube



    5.       Possible penalties

More than one may apply for a given offence.  Serious or repeated offences will result in stronger penalties.  Penalties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Temporary ban on using computers/ digital-electronic equipment.  For eg:Length of ban may range from one day to one term or more
  • Removal of internet access privileges
  • Paying to replace damaged equipment
  • Removal from classes where computer use is involved
  • Other school wide sanctions as appropriate.
  • Removal of student licence that enables them to use computer/ digital-electronic equipment


Original 8/2012 






Acceptable Usage Policy


For the use of school learning technology resources



Before you may use computer/ digital-electronic facilities at Yarra Glen Primary School, you must sign this contract which binds you to the conditions as specified in the Yarra Glen Primary School Acceptable Usage Policy document.  If you break any of the conditions, appropriate penalties will be applied.



Your name:                                                                             Class group: 



Network login name: 


I have read the Guidelines and Conditions for Appropriate Use of Computer/Electronic-Digital Facilities document and agree to abide by the guidelines and conditions contained within.










This section must be completed by the parent or legal guardian of the student


I, the parent or guardian of                                                                        have read and understand the Guidelines and Conditions for Appropriate Use of Computer/Electronic-digital Facilities document.  I agree that my child shall observe these guidelines and conditions.



Name of parent or legal guardian: 



Signature of parent or legal guardian: