Attendance at school is compulsory. Children’s attendances and absences are recorded daily. Government regulations require that explanations be provided by parents for all absences on the day of the absence. Please read the following fact sheet and the Yarra Glen Primary Attendance Policy for further details:

Attendance Fact Sheet for Parents and Carers

Attendance Policy



Please contact the office via phone (9730 1254), email or use the school’s compatible third party software program to advise the school of any absences.

Unexplained attendances will be followed up on the day of the absence.  You will be sent an email with details of the absence.  Please contact the office to advise the reason for the absence.



If your child is late arriving at school, please come to the office to receive a Late Pass.  Your child will give their teacher their Late Pass.  Their late arrival will be noted on our system.



If your child is required to leave school before the end of the school day, please come to the office to receive an Early Leavers Pass.   You may then proceed to your child’s classroom and give their teacher the Early Leavers Pass.


For safety reasons, children cannot be sent home or allowed to meet parents in the streets around the school.