Classes & Teachers

Yarra Glen Primary School is proud of their staff and what they bring to the school for the benefit of each students’ education. Our staff are regularly undertaking Professional Development to provide students with the best learning possible, to enable them to be 21st Century learners!

Our Staff:

 Acting Principal – Mr. Gerard Fay

Foundation / Prep M- Ms. Marie Martin

Grade 1/2 W- Ms. Courtney Wood

Grade 1/2 R- Mrs. Helen Ryan

Grade 3/4 P- Ms. Kath Pitt

Grade 3/4 T- Ms. Kelli Tabone

   Grade 5/6 BOW- Ms. Wendy Bennett, Ms. Nora O’Reilly & Ms. Jessica Willison

Grade 5/6 M- Miss Maddison Mottau

Library-   Mrs. Kay Corless / Ms. Meredith Richardson

Art and LOTE- Mrs. Lorraine Parfitt

Physical Eduction & Performing Arts –  Mrs. Elizabeth Thorne

  Educational Support Officers’s – Meredith Richardson, Ema Ashmore and Kay Corless

Office and Administration – Leanne Swanson-Hill and Cath Fisher