Office Hours

OFFICE HOURS & BELL TIMES:   School begins daily at 9:00am.  The best time for your child to arrive at school is between 8:45 and 9:00am.  Before 8:45am there may be no supervision and a late arrival disturbs not only your child’s day but the rest of the grade as well.

9:00am -11:00am     –        Class Time

11:00am -11:10am     –        Eating Time (Lunch)

11:10am -12:00pm     –        Lunch Play

12:00pm –  2:00pm    –        Class Time

2:00pm –  2:05pm    –        Eating Time (Afternoon tea)

2:05pm –  2:30pm    –        Play

2:30pm –  3:30pm    –        Class Time

3:30pm                    –        Home Time

Office Hours: 8:45am to 4:00pm (Closed for Lunch 11:10 to 12:00. Please leave a message on answering machine and we will return your call).