Foundation / Prep M

We start each day with a 2 hour Literacy block. This consists of reading, phonics and spelling and writing. We follow an instructional model ensuring a whole-part-whole process with an emphasis on explicit teaching and differentiated teaching groups.

Phonics and Spelling

Wombat stew

Reading and reading display

Our 1 hour Maths block is also planned and executed via an instructional model. We use Maths vocabulary and encourage thinking out loud with sharing and reflecting on our successes and challenges being contributed by everybody. High quality web software is viewed and used by the students to offer them many ways to learn about numbers and mathematical concepts based on real life situations.


Maths graph

We are very lucky to also learn, grow and develop through inquiry sessions, PE, PMP, Art, STREAM, Indonesian, Performing Arts and Library. Over the course of a year we have experiences with many extra curricula such as PERRI multi age activities, performances, plays, excursions, sports days and much more.