Group 1 (Prep-1 O)

Term 2



Term 1, 2018

An absolute highlight for students and teachers in our F/1 classes at YGPS in 2018 is the introduction of Little Learners Love Literacy to complement and enhance our existing Literacy curriculum.

We have been immersed in much exploration and learning of sounds, blends and segmenting.  It is so affirming to hear the connections being made by students. They are super excited to discover and learn together.


Year 1 students have been challenged to build on their reading strategies such as becoming increasingly proficient in cross checking for accuracy and comprehension. They have also been involved in interactive, hands on activities to focus on improving their sight word recognition to aid in fluency when reading texts.


Students in Foundation have been engaged in many hands on activities involving counting, number recognition and writing numerals. 


Year 1 students have been concentrating on developing their skills in counting forwards and backwards from a given number and skip counting by 10s, 5s and 2s. They have also been revising the correct formation of numerals to ensure that reversals do not become habits that are hard to break!


We are having so much fun together. It’s sure to be an awesome journey in making connections in learning and friendships this year.