Group 4 (Grade 2-3 O)

We started Term 3 with a freshly painted classroom! Having the room painted over the holidays was like starting Semester 2 with a blank canvas. During the first week, our class worked together to create a new reading area. We organised our tables so that we could also have plenty of room to have a writing area and lots of floor space for cooperative learning groups.

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Did you know that there is a World Emoji Day? On the 17th of July, Group 4 took part in celebrating this day as a way of communicating our holiday experiences to one another. Students participated in turn and talk to a partner to share an experience they had over the holidays. Then they were challenged to design an emoji to depict the feeling or emotion that best conveyed how they were feeling. After designing the emoji, they wrote about why they created the emoji and how it represented their chosen holiday experience.


Interesting fact: In the USA, the Empire State Building was lit emoji yellow! If you are interested in checking a photo of it out, click on this link.



We have been very engaged in Literacy Planet’s Word Mania competition. We love the challenge of expanding our vocabulary and spelling skills.



Playtime= the best time according to most kids!

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