Group 4 (Grade 2-3 S)

Grade 2-3 S is very excited to be back at school for 2018.

In our class, we have been setting up our classroom expectations and routines, and setting goals for our learning. We have been trialling different Daily 5 literacy activities, such as ‘Listening to reading’, ‘Reading to someone’ and ‘Read to self’. So far, listening to reading using iPads and computers is a class favourite.

This term, we have been reading and writing different types of poetry. A writing goal for everyone has been to use lots of interesting, descriptive words to help create a mental picture.

Below are two examples of wonderful sensory poems written in our class.

I see beautiful, green trees with vines covering them.

I smell sweet, colourful flowers everywhere around me.

I hear the clear, rushing water of a waterfall.

I feel the humid weather on my tired body.

I taste the sweet taste of ripe, yellow bananas.

I think this is a beautiful place to be.

By Sam H.


I see tall brown trees reaching to the sky.

I hear the waves dancing.

I feel crabs biting my feet.

I taste the sweet bananas.

I think this is the best place ever.

By Rya


In Maths, our class has been learning about number and place value. Everyone has enjoyed using MAB blocks to model numbers, using ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. A challenge was set for everybody to build their name using MAB blocks and then count how many blocks they had used.

Hmm, is there a quick way we could count them?