Grade 3/4 T

Grade 3/4T have had a great start to the year!

We have already been looking at verbs and adjectives, summarising texts, editing our work using the CUPS strategy … and that’s just in Writing. We have created anchor charts and have been practising how to Read Independently, Read to Someone and Listen to Reading which are part of our weekly Literacy Groups.


In Maths, students have completed various assessments in Number and Place Value. They have been working hard to master units, tens, hundreds and thousands by using expanded notation, writing numbers  in words and using manipulatives such as Base 10 blocks, unifix blocks, counters and place value charts.


We were also luck enough to have had Morgan and Coral come to visit to teach us about Responsible Pet Ownership. During the session, students looked at why people have pets, how to care for them properly and the safe ways to handle pets.