Grade 5/6 M


This term, 5/6P have learnt a lot. Everyone has had such a good time and it’s already clear that we’ll have a great year.

We have made new friends and committed to our vision statement.


 Gr 5/6 Vision Statement

We will have a respectful class by showing our PERRI values to every class mate and teacher. We will work together and be united as one by being inclusive, fair and accepting of everyone. We will trust each other.

We will be organised and focus on our work. We will try our hardest at everything we do and encourage and help each other to reach our goals. We will give our ideas without holding back, inspire one another, take risks and embrace every opportunity to learn.

In our classroom we will cooperate and get along.

Our classroom will be warm and inviting to everyone. It will be bright, happy and busy.

Persistence  Encouragment  Respect  Resilience  Inclusiveness



In maths we have recently revised place value; learning where numbers go and how to say them. Now everyone is confident with saying large numbers.

Students have also learnt square and triangular numbers, composite and prime numbers, and decimals. Some of the class completed an investigation called Rhymes and Riches and others have been focusing more on different number skills. So far everyone has progressed one way or another.


In literacy we have been studying poetry. We have focused mostly on a famous poet named, Banjo Paterson.  We have explored “Clancy of the Overflow”  and now understand his point of view of city and country life.

We have also read a couple of C.J Dennis’ poems including “The Circus.” We innovated on this poem to create our own.


This term we’ve been focusing on Growth Mindset. Growth mindset is about people with either a good or bad attitude to achieve things and to be more successful. In class, we have been looking at quotes from different people and characters. We’ve been deciding if they have a growth or fixed mindset and writing about why we think that. Everyone has learnt the importance of a growth mindset and has set goals to achieve.


This year, Grade 5/6s have taken on leadership roles. Firstly, House Captains:

Purple house- Brodie, Charli, Max and Madi

Blue house- Sienna, Jack, Sarah and Xavier

Gold house- Zoe, Noah, Alana and Koby

Red house- Rose, James, Charlotte and Cooper

We have two captains and two vice captains. All of them will do very well organising Twilight Sports.


Secondly, School Leaders:

Term 1- Rose, James and Sienna

Term 2- Charli, Genevieve and Brodie

Term 3- Noah, Haram, Violet and Charlotte

Term 4- Bree, Nikayla and Jack

The school leaders have to run assembly, attend leadership meetings, present badges and make sure things are ok out in the yard.


Thirdly, SRC (Student Representative Council).

In each class there are 2 SRCs. They attend weekly meetings on Wednesdays and discuss fundraisers and school activities.

The start of this term has been exciting and we are all trying to make the school an even better place. We are looking forward to a fantastic year.

By Charli and Rose J