About Our School …

At Yarra Glen Primary School, we are committed to providing the best educational outcomes for all students, differentiating by focusing on each individual student’s ‘point of need’.

Our PERRI values reflect our culture in which Persistence, Encouragement, Resilience, Respect and Inclusiveness form the foundation of who we are. Teamwork, accountability and acceptance combine to together with our PERRI Values to provide an engaging and supportive learning experience for all students.

Our School Council is comprised of caring, supportive and dedicated parents, committed to the successful running of the school – for now and into the future. We have many sub-committees that are actively involved in various facets of the school, such as wellbeing, policy and grounds development.

Our student leadership program, which includes School and Vice Captains, Sports Captains and Vice Captains, Playground Monitors, gives students that sense of accountability, responsibility and prepares them for higher learning.

Our SRC – Student Representative Council – allows all students to have a say. Student voice is crucial in the success of our school. We pride ourselves on our students contributing to decision making processes and collectively influencing outcomes by putting forward their views, concerns and ideas, and actively participating in our school, our community and the education system. Student voice allows students to engage, participate, lead and learn.

At Yarra Glen Primary School, our facilities include:

  • BER Building
  • New Senior Building
  • Junior Building
  • Office
  • Junior Playground
  • Senior Playground
  • Basketball/Netball court
  • Hardcourt area
  • Chook Pen
  • Football Oval

… and more!

The school is led by a Leadership Team consisting of the Principal, Leading Teacher and Teacher/Team Mentors, representing each of the Learning Areas (Junior, Senior and Specialist subjects).

The in 2020, our school are structured into 7 classrooms. Besides Grade 2, our grades are composite. All grades apply differentiated learning.

  • Foundation / Grade 1M
  • Foundation / Grade 1P
  • 2TW
  • 3/4E
  • 3/4R
  • 4/5/6SW
  • 5/6M

Regarding Visual Arts/Drama, we generally present a School Production every second year, State School Spectacular on alternate years. This allows students, particularly in the senior grades, to experience both forms and expressions of Performing Arts. In 2019, the whole school performed ‘The Wizard of Oz’ at the Karralyka Theatre in Ringwood. 2020 will see the senior students once again perform in the State School Spectacular.

Yarra Glen Primary School offers all students a place to learn, to grow and to be the best they can be. We support our local community, our families and each other.